Solar Benergie – Zonnepanelen Energie van de Zon

SolarBenergie can help you lower your fuel bill

Hybrid Solar System are a combination of on-grid and off-grid systems and offer consumers the benefits of both systems.

✔️ It provides uninterrupted power because there is a battery in the system.
✔️ It is not affected by power outages.
✔️ You are not affected by electricity price increases.
✔️ You do not pay an electricity bill.
✔️ You can sell excess electricity generated and generate income.

Hybrid solar systems are a combination of on-grid and off-grid systems and offer consumers the benefits of both systems. These systems are connected to the grid like on-grid systems and also have a battery like off-grid systems. So the system sends excess energy from the sun through the hybrid inverter to the battery for storage. Since there are batteries in the system, the batteries are activated when the power goes out and continue to power the system. In short, these systems do not suffer from power outages.

To explain in more detail, in hybrid systems the direct current generated by solar energy absorbed by solar panels goes through a hybrid inverter to convert it into alternating current used in homes or workplaces. The hybrid inverter sends the incoming energy to your home or workplace for immediate use according to the current usage status. If your production quantity exceeds the energy you use, the inverter sends the energy to the battery for storage and fills the battery. If both your batteries are full and the amount of energy you use is very low, this time the hybrid inverter sends the excess energy produced to the grid and you may receive a charge from the distribution company. With hybrid systems, in the evening hours or in case of grid failure, the energy stored in the batteries is used in the system, so you are no longer dependent on the grid. The hybrid system basically consists of 5 components;

Solar panel;
Solar panels, the most fundamental component of solar systems, convert the sunlight (photon) falling on them into direct current electrical energy by means of solar cells made of semiconducting silicon material. Solar panels are calculated according to the daily energy consumption and the size of the area of application. According to the result of the calculation, suitable Arçelik monocrystalline panels with high strength and efficiency are selected.

Hybrid inverter;
Inverters, in the simplest definition, are electronic devices that convert DC (linear current) electrical energy into AC (alternating current) electrical energy thanks to the circuits inside. Hybrid inverters convert direct current into single-phase or three-phase alternating current, depending on the area of application. These inverters work together with power from the sun and power from the grid. In addition, these inverters have battery outputs. Thus, they first send the excess energy produced to the battery for storage. When the batteries are full, they provide profit to the consumer by sending the excess energy generated to the grid. In the evening or in case of grid failure, the energy stored in the batteries is used in the system thanks to hybrid inverters. Since these inverters are more comprehensive devices, they are more expensive than other inverters.

At the points of contact between the solar system and the grid, protection of the system is provided by the fuse, ground fault circuit interrupter and surge protector in the panel. In this way, the protection and control of electricity and thus the life safety of consumers is ensured.

Bidirectional electricity meter
Bidirectional electricity meters, as the name implies, provide bidirectional transmission of electricity. In summary, it transmits electricity coming from the grid to the home like one-way meters, while transmitting electricity generated from solar or another source to the grid. With smart two-way meters, you can track electricity generated and consumed through the digital display on the meter.

Battery (gel battery or lithium battery).
These are devices used to store energy obtained from the sun. Batteries meet energy needs by providing the energy they store to the system during periods when there is no or insufficient sunlight. It is imperative that the batteries to be used in the system are long lasting, can withstand high temperatures, have a high cycle efficiency and leak as little gas as possible. The choice of battery should take into account the operating voltage of the inverter and the daily energy consumption.