Solar Benergie – Zonnepanelen Energie van de Zon

SolarBenergie can help you lower your fuel bill

We offer products, solutions and services for the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future.

Discover the power of the sun

Solar energy is a technology based on the conversion of sunlight into energy. Today, many technologies have been developed to harness sunlight. Research into the use of solar energy accelerated especially after the 1970s. Solar energy systems have developed in terms of technological advancement and cost, and have established themselves as an environmentally friendly source of energy.

The objectives and corporate values of our company are first and foremost the quality of the workforce, the most efficient use of human resources and the provision of training that contributes to the professional and personal development of our employees.
In order to efficiently implement our management policy, we have adopted the basic philosophy that all our company managers should be “human resource managers.” To this end, we organize training courses and seminars and share important information about our management style with our department managers.
As the leading manufacturer of solar energy systems in the country, we keep institutionalism at the forefront and not individuality in success.

We believe that we will achieve our goals, which we have set in accordance with the corporate objectives, only with competent, knowledgeable, experienced and service-oriented employees who enjoy working in the industry.

In the direction of contributing to the motivation of our employees in the sector and their business development with our activities in the areas of training, seminars and career planning; we are moving in the direction of a preferred company and a respected company by orienting our employees not only as personnel but also as a social element.


To be a profitable organization by producing low-cost systems for our people by drawing long-term studies in the industry
To be able to meet our customers’ expectations for our products and services on a global level in accordance with our business capacity and capabilities
To maximize our contribution to the national and global economy as a priority

Conduct our activities in an environmentally friendly manner without harming nature and in harmony with all the people with whom we come into contact.
Ensure continuous entrepreneurship in the development of our existing and new products and our areas of operation
To be a reliable, profitable and socially responsible company whose managers and employees are proud to be partners and members.